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Be unforgettably YOURSELF! | taught by Freya Casey
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Freya Casey
Freya Casey
Professional Singer & Vocal Coach

About the Instructor

I'm the happiest person in the world to have turned my greatest passion into my profession: singing!

I have been performing all around the worlds for many years, in opera, musical theatre, with orchestras, bands, combos, and as a solo artist. Teaching voice lessons has always been a passion of mine, especially igniting the love for singing in singers with all kinds of backgrounds - beginner or pro!

I hold a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and have an artist diploma as an opera singer. However, I have always sung in all genres, whether it be jazz, pop, soul, rock, or gospel. I think that no one needs to put limitations on their voice and decide for one genre. It's all a matter of technique, and you can learn it!

That is what I'm here for: to help you discover the AWESOMENESS in your voice!

I hope you find helpful information in this blog. Always keep the music in your heart!!!

What I Teach

My philosophy is that singing should be easy - which doesn't mean that it isn't work at times! Minimizing strain on your vocal cords, jaw, neck, shoulders, larynx while strengthening your core which is essential for great support.

I believe singing is made up of multiple components: Physiology, Psychology, Technique, Personality. They're all important, and only when they're connected, do you feel true freedom in expressing yourself vocally.

Course Contents

12 Videos

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1 - Expectations (Part 1)
Lesson 2 - Expectations (Part 2)
Lesson 3 - Connecting With Your Audience
Lesson 4 - Creating a Craving for the Reward
Lesson 5 - Getting Into the Zone
Chapter 6 - Calming Your Body
Lesson 7 - The Advantage of Being an Introvert
Lesson 8 - Meditation & Mantras
Lesson 9 - Focus & Tension
Lesson 10 - Dry Mouth
Lesson 11 - Minimize Distractions
Lesson 12 - Just do it!